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Underground Sprinkler SystemSprinkler System  

Save time and money by installing a new, completely automatic underground sprinkler system.

  • Preserve your landscape by watering when it needs it, and actually use less water.
    By applying water early in the morning, your landscape has an opportunity to absorb the moisture before it evaporates, making every drop count. Watering in the morning also allows your turf to dry before night falls preventing the possibility of disease.

  • Affordable systems can be installed on existing lawns with minimal disturbance to the turf. Our equipment allows us to pull lines underground without the need to excavate.

  • Budget concerns? You can choose to install a system in just one area of your property now. All Axent Green systems are designed with the possibility for future expansion always in mind, so you can always add to it later. Changing the layout of your home, or planning for a pool? We can design systems based on your future needs too, planning ahead to avoid moving lines in the future.

  • Systems are designed custom to your needs and to fit your schedule. You can choose when and where to water, and for how long. Timer controls can adjust every aspect of your system.

  • Ask about the NEW weather station driven smart controllers. See 30-70% water savings with this cutting edge technology

Already have an irrigation system?

Axent Green technicians can service, repair, troubleshoot, and maintain your existing system, even if we didn’t install it. Upgrade your existing system with a new timer, add a rain sensor, or update your heads to new, more efficient models.

Sprinkler Start-up Service

A few of the keys to having a great lawn is a fine tuned irrigation system, properly feeding your lawn, cutting your lawn at the correct height and frequency, and aerating your lawn to help it breath and absorb nutrients. A fine tuned irrigation is most important. Each sprinkler head must be set to properly water the lawn without missing areas and without wasting water by spraying the driveway, sidewalk, etc. It is also important for the time for each zone to be properly set. This will depend on the type of soil that you have, if the lawn is shaded, the type of sprinkler head, and if the ground is sloped or not. We can assist you in figuring this all out!

  • Turning on water to your system

  • Checking for proper coverage

  • Make necessary adjustments to individual sprinkler heads

  • Find any sprinkler head, valve or pipe damage that occurred over the winter or last season

  • Set your timer box for the spring

Sprinkler Help

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