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AxentGreen Sprinkler System Winterization Special

We serve the Missoula and Bitterroot Valleys and specialize in the service and maintenance of sprinkler systems. We have full time irrigation technicians ready to perform your sprinkler system winterization.  This service ensures that your system is fully protected from freezing damage that can occur during winter months. A step by step description of our service is listed below. Please call today to schedule your sprinkler system winterization today.

Neighborhood and senior discounts available.  Please call our office at 728-1188 for details. 

Sprinkler System Winterization Procedures:

Most homeowners believe the only steps to winterizing a sprinkler system is to just turn the system off for the winter and maybe open the drain valve. However, this practice still leaves the majority of your system full of water and susceptible to breaks, leaks, and costly repairs. In order to fully protect your system, we will take the following 8-step process to make sure that your sprinkler system is fully protected:

  1. Shut off water to your irrigation system via main gate valve. Tag pipe/line with “SPRINKLER SYSTEM HAS BEEN WINTERIZED!  DO NOT TURN ON”
  2. Drain backflow preventer (if applicable)
  3. Attach Air compressor to mainline (125-185 CFM)
  4. Manually open all electronic valves to allow compressed air force water out of each zone
  5. Keep valve solenoids and bleeder valves open for winter
  6. Open test ports on backflow device in order to winterize backflow device
  7. Close ball valves on backflow device and leave at 45
  8. Leave check-list on your door or mailed detailing the steps we took and notes regarding your system